Universal Dashboard Marketplace

Today, I’m happy to announce a new tool for finding dashboards built on PowerShell Universal Dashboard. The Universal Dashboard Marketplace is a handy website that synchronizes with the PowerShell Gallery to locate dashboards built on Universal Dashboard.

How it works

The Marketplace scans the PowerShell Gallery for modules that have added the ud-dashboard tag. When this tag is present, the Marketplace will collect information about the module and present it on the home page and within searches. If the ProjectUrl propery of the module manifest is a GitHub repository, it will automatically go and download the README.md file from GitHub and present it on the module’s dashboard page.

Submitting Your Own Dashboards

To submit your own dashboards, simply publish a PowerShell Module to the Gallery that uses the ud-dashboard tag. Within 60 minutes, your dashboard should appear on the Marketplace.

You can use the ud-weather repository and module as an example of how to do this.

Happy dashboarding!

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