PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio – The Future

I started PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio over 8 years ago with it’s first incarnation being PowerGUI VSX (2010). Crazy! Since then there have been millions of downloads, over 1,700 commits, 121 PRs and 24 contributors. Microsoft even spent a summer enhancing the functionality and bringing x64 support. It eventually became part of the Visual Studio 2015 and 2017 installer and was downloaded quite a bit.

Earlier this year PoshTools was removed from the Visual Studio installer. This was due to new requirements for inbox VS extensions that would not have been able to be met by a single developer (me).

Moving forward, there will be some changes to PoshTools.

PowerShell Pro Tools is now part of PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio

When you install PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio, the Pro Tools features will automatically be installed along side the PoshTools features. You will be able to access these features by installing a license for the pro tools. The PoshTools features will all still work without a license.

You can download the new extension from the Visual Studio Marketplace. You can uninstall the PowerShell Pro Tools without losing any functionality.

A New Home

The PoshTools repository is no longer going to be maintained. I’m going to continue to develop the combined PoshTools+Pro but do so in a closed-source repository with a public issue tracker. I’d like to still develop PoshTools and PoshTools Pro but maintaining the two repositories takes too much time, complicates deployment and isn’t really offering anyone any value. Some may see this as a step backwards from the FOSS that is PoshTools but in the last two years I’ve only received 4 PRs from other community members while receiving over 100 new issues. The PoshTools public repository will remain to be forked if desired.

I will be triaging the issues in both the PoshTools and PoshTools Pro GitHub issues trackers and moving them to the Bitbucket tracker.


The resources for PoshTools will be consolidated under the PoshTools.com umbrella to make it easier to find information and report problems.

  • Documentation – https://poshtools.com/docs
  • Issues – https://poshtools.com/issues
  • Blog – https://poshtools.com/blog
  • Pro Licensing – https://poshtools.com/buy

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