PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio – The Future

I started PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio over 8 years ago with it’s first incarnation being PowerGUI VSX (2010). Crazy! Since then there have been millions of downloads, over 1,700 commits, 121 PRs and 24 contributors. Microsoft even spent a summer enhancing the functionality and bringing x64 support. It eventually became part of the Visual […]

Universal Dashboard 2.0.0

TLDR: The 2.0.0 release of Universal Dashboard and Universal Dashboard Community is live! Download from the PowerShell Gallery. Universal Dashboard Universal Dashboard Community Edition I’m very excited to announce the 2.0 version of Universal Dashboard. This release has tons of new features and is the first open-source release of Community Edition. There are new controls, […]

PowerShell Pro Tools v1.6.0

PowerShell Pro Tools version 1.6.0 has been released! It contains a few bug fixes and features. VS2017, PowerShell Module Released: 8-18-2018 New Features Application Icons You can now specify application icons when creating executables. Simply select the icon file from the properties window of your project and your application will now have an icon. Custom […]

Universal Dashboard Marketplace

Today, I’m happy to announce a new tool for finding dashboards built on PowerShell Universal Dashboard. The Universal Dashboard Marketplace is a handy website that synchronizes with the PowerShell Gallery to locate dashboards built on Universal Dashboard. How it works The Marketplace scans the PowerShell Gallery for modules that have added the ud-dashboard tag. When […]

Universal Dashboard Community Edition

Universal Dashboard is module for developing web-based dashboards, multi-site webpages and REST APIs using PowerShell. The community around UD, including the number of discussions, blog posts and support from users, has been increasing quickly. In order to better support a community driven product, I’d like to announce Universal Dashboard Community Edition! This version of UD […]