The Future of Languages in Visual Studio

TLDR; I implemented a Visual Studio Language Server Protocol extension for PowerShell. Check out the source code here.┬áSee it in action here. Visual Studio Language Server Protocol extensions Visual Studio language development is hard. There are so many aspects to a language that you need to consider and working with the Visual Studio SDK can […]

Login Pages for PowerShell Universal Dashboard

Whoop! As of today, PowerShell Universal Dashboard is now capable of authenticating users. Now you can easily validate users with popular the OAuth providers Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Twitter. Additionally, you can build your own authentication methods with PowerShell to validate credentials against systems like Active Directory. Creating a Login Page Login pages can now […]

Universal Dashboard, meet ReactJS

PowerShell Universal Dashboard has had a major injection of ReactJS. The latest version completely replaces the static HTML, JavaScript and CSS generation with a ReactJS-based single page application. The new version is built using the new version of ReactJS released last week. The new version no longer relies on deploying temp files and abstracts the […]

Introducing PowerShell Pro Tools Universal Dashboard – Cross-platform, web-based dashboards

PowerShell Pro Tools has some great features for building user interfaces. Until now, these tools are focused on building Windows desktop applications. Today, I’m happy to announce the first release of the PowerShell Pro Tools Universal Dashboard. Install-Module UniversalDashboard This PowerShell module is focused on a web-based dashboard experience. The module itself is cross-platform and […]

New Cmdlets in the PowerShellProTools module

Today, I released an update to the PowerShell Pro Tools PowerShell module. Before today the module was only capable of packaging. As of today’s release, you can also convert code using two new cmdlets within the module. Code Conversion Cmdlets ConvertTo-PowerShell ConvertTo-PowerShell, as you may have guessed, converts C# to PowerShell. There are a couple […]