PowerShell Pro Tools

User Interface Design

Build user interfaces in Visual Studio in Windows Forms and Windows Presentation Foundation. Take advantage of the robust Visual Studio designers generate all the script your need to create dynamic interfaces for your end users.

  • Quickly develop with WinForms or WPF
  • Debug code right in Visual Studio
  • Import SAPIEN PSF files into PowerShell Pro Tools

Pack your scripts

Package your PowerShell scripts as an executable for deployment in your enviroment. Avoid having to deploy multiple PS1 scripts and deal with explaining how to run a PS1 script to your users. Double click and executable and go. Package multiple scipts together into a single executable.

Built on PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio

PowerShell Pro Tools is built on PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio. Millions of users have installed PoshTools and PowerShell Pro Tools enhances the experience inside Visual Studio and the command line. Take advantage of Visual Studio Community edition and save big over SAPIEN PowerShell Studio.

Profile Scripts

Use the PowerShell Pro Tools module to profile your scripts and get performance annotations directly in Visual Studio Code.

Installers as code

Create MSIs for your scripts or executables using domain specific language in PowerShell. Build installers without having to learn MSI or WIX. Use your existing PowerShell scripts to develop installers that just work.

Convert code

Convert code between PowerShell and C#. You can copy and paste examples from MSDN and convert them from C# to PowerShell.

Import from SAPIEN PowerShell Studio

Import SAPIEN PowerShell Studio PSF files into PowerShell Pro Tools. PowerShell Pro Tools will automatically generate the PowerShell Script that can be used with the forms designer in Visual Studio.

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