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Install-Module UniversalDashboard -Force -Scope CurrentUser
Start-UDDashboard -Port 8080 -Dashboard (
     New-UDDashboard -Title "Welcome to Universal Dashboard" -Content {
        New-UDCard "Computer Name" -Text "Universal Dashboard is now running on $env:ComputerName"
Start-Process http://localhost:8080

Define the look and feel of your website using PowerShell

Install-Module UniversalDashboard -Force -Scope CurrentUser
Start-UDDashboard -Content { 
    New-UDDashboard -Title "Charts" -Content { 
        New-UDMonitor -Title "Downloads per second" -Type Line -DataPointHistory 20 -RefreshInterval 1 -Endpoint {
             Get-Random -Minimum 0 -Maximum 10 | Out-UDMonitorData
} -Port 8080

Take input and perform actions

Start-UDDashboard -Content { 
    New-UDDashboard -Title "Charts" -Content { 
        New-UDInput -Title "Send an email" -Endpoint {
                Send-MailMessage -To $EmailAddress -From adam@poshtools.com -Subject "Hello, Universal Dashboard!"

                New-UDInputAction -Toast "An email was sent to $EmailAddress" 
} -Port 8080

More control

Take advantage of charts, counters, grids, and tables. Create multipage dashboards and layouts with ease. 

Cutting Edge

Universal Dashboard is built on ASP.NET Core, PowerShell Core, ReactJS and some of the coolest JavaScript libraries out there. 

PowerShell DSL

Define your dashboard using a domain-specific language built in PowerShell. No need to learn JavaScript, CSS, HTML or C#. Use your existing PowerShell skills to produce tools that everyone in your company can use. 

Runs Anywhere

Built for cross-platform deployments, Universal Dashboard can run on Windows, Linux or Mac OS X. Take your dashboards to the cloud by running them in Azure. 

Want to know more?

Visit PoshUd.com to see Universal Dashboard in action. A full range of example dashboards can be found on GitHub

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