Release Notes – June Release

PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio has been updated! See below for release notes.

PowerShell Tools

  • Version 3.0.569
  • June 23rd, 2017


Visual Studio 2017
Visual Studio 2015

Issues Resolved

#523 – Build Event Support

PowerShell projects now support build events. You can include prebuild and postbuild PowerShell scripts that take advantage of MSBuild properties. This is useful for processing scripts within a project or deployment.

Note that Visual Studio 2015 requires a manual step in order to enable MSBuild support.

#521 – Failing test in Describe block makes all consecutive tests show as failed

Fixed an issue that was introduced by refactoring of Pester test adapter.

#506 – Powershell Tools Project ignores Architecture / CLR Version settings; does not save requirements

The PowerShell Tools project properties window now has a module tab that contains all the previous tabs. Some bugs around saving settings have been resolved.

#64 – Support for Enumerate Comment Tasks (#TODO)

Basic TODO support has been implemented. It currently only works on the current file and is limited to TODO comments and not configured custom tags in Visual Studio.

PowerShell Pro Tools

Version 1.0.90 (vs2015) and 1.0.89 (VS2017)

June 23rd, 2017


Visual Studio 2017
Visual Studio 2015

Issues Resolved

Bundling and Packaging

Bundling and packaging is now available via a command line tool, a PowerShell module and within Visual studio. Bundling allows you to combine multiple dot sourced scripts into a single script. Packaging wraps PowerShell scripts in .NET executables. Bundling can be combined with packaging. You can bundle and package via MSBuild and the PowerShell project system.

You will need to upgrade your existing projects to take advantage of the MSBuild tasks.

#1 – Packaging a Windows Form as Executable

PSPack and Package as executable feature now support bundling multiple files into a single executable. You can use the bundling feature to combine multiple PS1s into a single PS1.

#4 – Invalid Script Generated in XAML Designer

Fixed an issue where the XAML designer would generate an invalid script when adding multiple controllers with event handlers.