Digging into PowerShell Direct

Available in Windows 10 and the Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview, there is a new feature of PowerShell and Hyper-V that enables you to connect to guest machines that lack network access: PowerShell Direct. The standard PSSession cmdlets along with Invoke-Command now offer a VMID and VMName parameter. Simply run any of these commands as you […]

Using Show-Command to make a simple UI for a non-PowerSheller

Show-Command is a really handy PowerShell cmdlet. Jeff Hicks gave a great presentation at the PowerShell Deep Dive about how to create simple GUIs without having to resort to WinForms or WPF. In his talk he showed off Show-Command and other cmdlets like Out-GridView. Recently, we have been providing some simple solutions to customers using […]

Decompiling C# Code with ILSpy and PowerShell

This week at the PowerShell Summit in Redmond, I gave a talk about using .NET reflection in PowerShell. We took a quick look at ILSpy and how to read the decompiled C# code that makes up compiled .NET assemblies. After a comment by Karl Prosser, I figured it would be cool to take it a […]

Hacking VMConnect

I started out using VMWare Workstation before Hyper-V even existed. There were some simple things that I was really surprised were missing from Hyper-V V1 when it came out. Most importantly, copy and paste and smart sizing. Now we are on v3 and we still don’t have these abilities. One alternative is to just RDP […]