Sticker Swap

Have some extra stickers lying around from a conference? Are you a vendor and want to share your stickers with the world? Then check out Sticker Swap!


Sticker Swap is a little website to share stickers. You can post your stickers and when someone picks your sticker, you’ll get Sticker Credits. Once your sticker has been mailed to the picker, you’ll be able to use your Sticker Credits to pick other peoples’ stickers.

Sharing Stickers

To share stickers, you’ll need to create an account on Sticker Swap. Once you’ve done this, you can then click the Share Stickers button in the top menu. Fill out the form. Make sure to include a good image of the sticker. All the fields are required.

When someone picks your sticker, you’ll get an email from Sticker Swap. You can always check your active Swaps by click the Swaps link in the menu.

When you ship your sticker, make sure to click the Shipped button on this page to notify the picker that the sticker is on the way. Once they mark it received, you’ll get sticker credits.

Picking Stickers

To start picking, stickers you’ll need credits. You can check your credits on your My Account page. Also make sure that your address is correct as this is the address that your stickers will be sent to.

Once you have sticker credits to pick stickers, you can browser or search the available stickers. If you find a sticker you like, click View Sticker. On the sticker page, you’ll see more info about the sticker and you’ll be able to select how many stickers you’d like to pick.

After you pick your sticker, the Swap will appear in the swaps page. You can cancel the swap from that page. Once your start a swap, your credits will be reduced.

Getting More Credits

In addition to swapping stickers, you can also earn credits by inviting your friends. Click the About page and you’ll find this dialog. Once your friend signs up for Sticker Swap, you’ll receive 2 free sticker credits.


I made Sticker Swap for fun. I had a bunch of stickers lying around and thought it would be a good way to share them.

Check it out today at StickerSwap.io

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