Building real-time web apps with PowerShell Universal Dashboard

Today, I’ve released a beta version of PowerShell Universal Dashboard that enables the ability to create real-time web apps using PowerShell. Install-Module UniversalDashboard -AllowPrerelease In this post, I will go through the details of how Universal Dashboard worked before this release and how it works now. I have a full example on GitHub of how […]

Creating a desktop app with Universal Dashboard and an installer with PowerShell Pro Tools

In the 1.3.0 version of the PowerShell Pro Tools module there are new cmdlets for generating installers. Leveraging the Windows Installer XML Toolkit, the cmdlets can produce simple, little installers. In this post we will look at how to create an Electron application with Universal Dashboard and the accompanying installer. Creating a Universal Dashboard Electron Application Electron […]

PowerShell Universal Dashboard – 1.4.0 Release

Available now, on the PowerShell Gallery, is PowerShell Universal Dashboard 1.4.0! It includes numerous fixes to the 1.3.0 release and previous 1.4.0 beta releases. It also includes the ability to create custom elements via PowerShell or JavaScript. In additional, there is new functionality to define and use themes to avoid having to put colors throughout […]

Custom Elements for PowerShell Universal Dashboard

With the new 1.4.0-beta1 release, it’s now possible to author custom components for PowerShell Universal Dashboard. This enables developers to create their own components using PowerShell and even JavaScript to share with other UD users. Additionally, I will be developing some components of UD in their own stand alone component modules with the source available […]

The Future of Languages in Visual Studio

TLDR; I implemented a Visual Studio Language Server Protocol extension for PowerShell. Check out the source code here. See it in action here. Visual Studio Language Server Protocol extensions Visual Studio language development is hard. There are so many aspects to a language that you need to consider and working with the Visual Studio SDK can […]

Login Pages for PowerShell Universal Dashboard

Whoop! As of today, PowerShell Universal Dashboard is now capable of authenticating users. Now you can easily validate users with popular the OAuth providers Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Twitter. Additionally, you can build your own authentication methods with PowerShell to validate credentials against systems like Active Directory. Creating a Login Page Login pages can now […]

Creating a REST API with PowerShell Universal Dashboard

With the new version of PowerShell Universal Dashboard, you can now create simple REST APIs that execute PowerShell when they are invoked. New cmdlets make it easy to create endpoints and stand up a new REST API server. Creating a simple endpoint Assume that we are creating a REST API for local processes on a […]