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PowerShell Pro Tools supports Visual Studio Community. Get a full featured PowerShell IDE with UI development and packaging for only $29.99!

GUI Development 

Windows Forms: Edit Windows Forms in the Visual Studio designer to create PowerShell scripts. PowerShell Pro Tools takes over the work of generating and maintaining the script to generate the form and you can spend your time working on the logic for your application. 


WPF: Create fluent desktop apps in Windows Presentation Framework (WPF). PowerShell Pro Tools will generate all the necessary logic to attach WPF XAML files to your PowerShell script to create a responsive, beautiful application without having to worry about the WPF plumbing. 


Code Conversion

Convert between PowerShell and C# by simply copying the source language code and pasting it into the target source code file.


Package as Executable: Package a PowerShell script in a .NET executable so it cannot be modified and can be easily deployed and executed. 

Bundling: Bundle multiple PowerShell scripts into a single file. During development, you can break up complex scripts into multiple files and dot source them into the main script. Bundling will automatically combine scripts to produce a single script for deployment. 

Obfuscation: Obfuscate a packaged executable so that the PowerShell script and C# host are difficult to decompile using Reflector or ILSpy. Requires generating a packaged executable. 

Multiple methods of packaging: Package scripts using Visual Studio and MSBuild, on the command line with PSPack.exe or Merge-Script or via a Visual Studio Code task


Visit the PowerShell Pro Tools GitHub repository to report issues.